What Colour Is Your Personality?

Did you know that how colours we’re attracted to most and choose repeatedly, tell something about our personality? From what we are wearing to our interior design colour is one of those things that can make you feel fabulous or leave you feeling flat.
We are now moving into the second time of home design for our flat and I love that some rooms have big colours and some are more subtle. In real life I have started to incorporate colour into my wardrobe and this also is reflecting in the finishing touches in our home. Here are a few ways we have added colour into our home.
Living Room
Our living room has the usual magnolia walls but this time we went for grey carpet and a dark grey sofa. I wanted something versatile and that could be lifted by accesroeis. Where as winter teal was the colour we had in lamps and rugs during the summer I invested in a yellow rug to lift the room a little more.

We have yet to do our bedroom. It really needs new paint and a ping of colour. I am hoping for dark blue walls, the grey carpet is similar to our living room but the bedding has gone vibrant yellow/floral or a blue and white pattern.

Adding accessories also helps so this huge dream catcher was a must. I fell in love with it on instagram and it often moves from my bedroom to the hall and back again!
How have you used your favourite colours in your home – I would love to hear how you make your bedroom space your own, what colour you love on thewalls and if you buy heaps of bedding like me then let me know if you have bought from Julian Charles and which is your fave!
This post is in collaboration with #ColourYourPersonality

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