Unique Of The Week // Crabtree & Evelyn 60 Second Fix For Hands

Crabtree & Evelyn 60 second Fix for Hands comes in a variety of fragrances, my favourite is La Source, which is a fresh calming fragrance and makes me think i’m really on a spa day! There are two parts to the 60 second fix, the first is Hand Recovery, a hand scrub. You massage a small amount into your hands focusing on your knuckles, I find a twenty pence piece size blob is ideal for doing both of my hands. Rinse the scrub off, and instantly you’ll notice there is a slight oily residue left behind, so your hands look and most importantly feel revived. Gently pat (don’t rub!) your hands dry on a towel, and admire just how soft they are! The second stage of the Fix is their Hand Therapy, a rich hand cream made with shea butter. If you really want to seal the moisture in a little powder (talc) works a treat, but I don’t own any and to be honest prefer to just top up the hand cream a little later in the day.

Crabtree & Evelyn 60 Second Hand Fix

Crabtree & Evelyn 60 Second Hand Fix

The scrub is quite rough, so I’d only use it once a week, but the results are terrific and give a huge pick me up quickly, perfect if you’re a Mum on the run! The hand cream is just heavenly, every application makes my hands feel youthful again! I keep a mini one in my handbag and try to remember to re-apply it during the day!


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