Review: Lamaloli Children’s Clothing

Branded clothing is all over the shops and the internet, having a 4.5 year old – we have seen our fair share of Disney princesses, Frozen clothing and, well anything pink and girly (all by choice too) – having looked through the Lamaloli website, my girl was set on the Barbie section. We have recently watched Barbie films on repeat so I am sure this influenced her choice.

We chose a Barbie T-shirt and a pair of pink Barbie pyjamas from the range. Age and size wise, I chose age 6 (, I am glad we did as the sizing comes up a little smaller than usual. They were a perfect fit (although the PJ trousers were a little on the long size – perfect for the rate my girl is growing.

20140723_125343The T-shirt was put on straight away and shown to everyone who would listen, the print is vivid and perfectly formed without cracks which is a definite sign of the quality of the clothing. It has been washed already due to the amount of times it has been worn and the quality is fantastic, no colour bleeding/ shrinking or blur of the print.

Another bonus for the bright colours is that my girl is easy to spot when out and about, it is a very distinct colour and whilst we were at the park, I managed to locate her within seconds (a huge plus for mums in a busy park!)20140724_162822

Having browsed the full range of clothing on Lamaloli, I am impressed by the price range. Especially having seen the quality, the Barbie t-shirt is only £4.95 and will last for a while yet judging by the standard after wearing and washing.

Their social media is mostly in German, the home language of the company which can be off putting but worth following to see the new ranges that are continually updated.

I would suggest reviewing the European sizing before purchase as it varies from most branded clothing.

Is your child a fan of character clothing? What would they choose from the range?





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