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A few weeks ago I was invited to a blogger event at a store in Brighton. Although I’d walked passed the Posh Totty Designs store a lot (well actually two of them) I had always passed it thinking I couldn’t afford the gorgeous jewellery inside. 

The event was wonderful and I got chatting a lot to the lovely Kate (who was with bump at the time and due anytime now!). The team did such a good effort of entertaining and talking to all of us and you could just see the enthusiasm in everything they do.

Firstly the food was brilliant. My pregnant tum left there very full!  The food was supplied by Real Patteserie. I’ll be going there to get a fix again soon!

Kate explained that each and every item in the shop was handmade in Brighton by Local people. I love to support local and was actually really surprised that it was all handmade too! I’ve been invited to the workshop to see and will look forward to that once bump is here. On the night we were also given a go at leather stamping! This looked heaps of fun too. 

I took a lot of photos of my favourite items so here they are!

 As you can see their silver range is very very reasonably priced!  

 I was given a great goody bag and was quite tearful at being given one amazing piece of jewellery with the children’s blog names on. It just made it seem so personal and being pregnant the tears flowed a little too!  The bag also included a leather notebook with my name branded on it, confetti, celebration card, nightlight and a few other great bits. 

Froglet has been fiddling with these every night as I fall asleep too! It’s definitely a gorgeous piece of jewellery that I’ll be adding to with Little Pup later this year! The mum and baby necklace starts at £63 including personalisation. Additional rings can be bought at £20 per ring. 

Posh Totty have a 15% discount to offer our readers! Just use MUMBLOG15 at the checkout! 

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