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Pregnancy and being a new mum plays havoc on your skin, all three of my pregnancies have effected mine in a different way both positive and a negative. I’ve had a clear, just back from a holiday pregnancy glow to teenage spots and freckly overkill but one saviour I discovered during my last was Olay’s CC cream.


I’m not a fan of heavy makeup and stopped trying to hide my freckles many moons ago so I haven’t worn foundation in years. If I’m being completely honest, it was more to do with the worry of leaving the house with a tell-tale tide mark. I find it so distracting speaking to people when all I’m thinking about is should I tell them it looks like a toddler has been let loose on the orange paints and coloured them in?

So finding something which I can slap on after a heavy night on the tiles ( who’m I kidding, that never happens!) with a toddler on my lap and which gives me enough coverage to disguise the lack of beauty sleep, create an even skin tone while acting as a moisturiser and serum is the holy grail of motherhood in a squeeze tube.

I switch from light to medium in the summer and find it lasts the day and it lets my skin breath so doesn’t clog pores and cause spots which I found heavier foundations did. It also saves taking lots of bottles on holiday or when I go swimming. Other CC (short for correction cream I believe) are available but this is the one I’ve been using for most of this year which is why it gets the honour if being named my Unique of the Week.

Do you have a saving grace beauty product you are willing to share ?


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