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We all have one product we couldn’t live without right? I know I have several Liz Earle products that I love including the shower gel and the cleanse and polish.

But the biggest one for me is a decent face moisturiser. Even if I’ve had very little sleep, suffering with seasonal dry skin or experiencing a breakout. A decent face cream will always make me feel better, which in turn makes me look better. Everyone looks better when smiling right?!

Liz Earle Moisturiser

My current favourite which I’m loving is Liz Earle skin repair daily moisture.
It’s a thick luxury cream that melts into skin, leaving it moisturised and glowing. It doesn’t leave a tacky feeling and provides the perfect base for my make up. It really is a treat for my face and It’s something I make sure I don’t ever run out off. Priced at around £20 it’s not the cheapest face cream, but it does last a while as a little goes a long way.

Do you use Liz Earle products ? What are you must haves ?




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