Unique Of The Week // Boden Rain Mac

Rain, rain go away! You know the rest and there’s no denying that in order to not be confined to a life behind doors you need a rain mac. I’ve been the proud owner of a Boden rain mac for 18 months now, I lusted after a few I’d seen some school run mums wearing, standing out from the crowds of navy and grey with their bright bold colours. I couldn’t tell you what else they wore as their funky waterproofs stole the show.

It took a wet and windy school run for me to give in and buy one, I was pregnant and feeling utterly pants, I’d been struggling to accept the bloated look I’d moulded into, I needed a pregnancy make over! My belly was bursting through the gap in my coat which by now, only did up at the top and bottom. I laughed it off but there’s only so much you can get away with when you’re already profiling Mr Greedy from the side.

I NEEDED a Boden mac, this wasn’t a want, this was a need, my mental and physical well being depended on it!

And so this trusty mac joined my ever increasing array of coats. My pregnancy waddle now turned into a strut as I became a Boden mac’d school gate mum. And it’s still going strong, despite being 3 dress sizes too big, I don’t care! On a damp and soggy morning it brightens my day, it comes on dog walks, shopping trips, weekends away. You name it, I take it; My trusty Boden mac.

Ali Chapman

Ali is a business owning, blogging mum of 3 boys, all tucked quietly away in East Devon. You can also find her at family blogs, Mum in a Nutshell and contributing to The Mumington Post.

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