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Fashion has become very personal. Style for most of us is about reflecting our personalities and character. Never before have there been so many different trends to choose from. And never before has it been so acceptable to personalize that style in your own unique way. There are many ways to add your taste to today’s fashions. One of the quickest and easiest ways to personalize your style is to add accessories. Accessories can completely transform even them most drab outfit into something that is uniquely you. Here are some ideas on how to use everyday accessories to create your fashion your way:


The history of the bandana goes back more than a century, yet it remains an iconic style accessory. It’s versatility make it a winner whenever it comes to accessorizing your favorite casual outfits. For women, it can be worn in the hair to cover or tie back your tresses. Fold it to create an attractive hair band, or stick to the traditional triangle shape to keep the hair covered as you work or play. Because it comes in so many designs, colors, and patterns, there will be one for every outfit you have. Why not have a bespoke design printed to represent your company, your family, or your own unique label


Scarves, like bandanas, can be incredibly versatile. There is one for every season. Where a small, slim-line silk scarf to accessorize your office wear. Or try a chunky knitwear scarf to keep warm in the winter. Fringes are very hot right now, and scarves are the perfect accessory to maximize this trend. Wear them draped across your hip, or even tied to your favorite handbag. They can be casual or smart, and are the perfect way to bespoke your style.


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Hair Clips

It doesn’t matter whether your style is long or short. Clips can hold the hair in place to make almost any style possible. Use them to beautify your hair, or use them to create focus. Clips and fascinators have been used for a long time to add ornate detail to your look. Gems and fabrics create extra color and structure to your evening style. Clips and slides can hold your hair for sporty activities or to protect your look on a breezy day.


Head Bands

A band worn around your head can be made from any material. This could include metals and woods. This means you can definitely build your own style from the top of your head down to your toes! They can be as functional as you need them to be to hold hair and hair pieces in place. Don’t underestimate the effect of wearing a chunky headband when designing your style.

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Earrings come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Dangling or large loop earrings can frame the face beautifully. These are most often worn when hair is swept away from the face. They can help to enhance your cheekbones and facial structure. Smaller studs, clips, and huggies can also provide that finishing touch to your outfit with a touch of sparkle.



Necklaces can be worn to enhance your collar bone structure or to elongate the appearance of your neck. They can also be used to draw the eye down past your chest. Traditionally, necklaces were considered a decoration of the body. These days, they can be used as part of your layering scheme to enhance your outfit. They can add structure and texture to your top as well as a splash of color. Best of all, you can use natural materials, precious metals, or even simple beads.



Many of us wear several rings on our fingers. Some of them may have special meaning such as an engagement ring. Others may be purely decorative. Rings can be very unique so they can help create and enhance your choice of style. As well as helping to shape the fingers, rings bring extra color or shape to the whole outfit.


Shawl or Wrap

A shawl or wrap can be very handy in cooler weather, or when there is a strict dress code. Covering the shoulders does indeed reduce the effect of any chill in the air. But it can also be used to help shape the rest of the outfit. The angles and textures a wrap or shawl offer can help add structure to your top half. This can also provide a slimming effect if your body shape is apple or pear.


Jacket or Coat

Practicalities aside, a jacket or coat should definitely be worn to enhance the outfit underneath. Don’t just throw on any old thing to keep warm! Choose something that screams volume about your style. Color, decorative detail, shape and cut are all really important fashion elements to consider. This top layer is the one most people will see while you’re out and about so make sure it suits you and your outfit beautifully.


Brooches and Pins

Brooches are a great way to add a little extra detail to your outfit. These and other pins are often very personal. If you’re into cats or music, chances are you have a brooch in a feline or clef shape somewhere. Use these little icons to your benefit when you’re accessorizing your favorite outfits. After all, fashion should be unique and personal to the wearer.



Back in the eighties, some women in executive positions thought they would succeed more if they wore a tie like guys do. Today, we know that the tie is a gorgeous fashion accessory that can be worn in or out of the office. No longer exclusively for men, ties can add that splash of color you need to jazz up that drab outfit. Silk remains the material of choice, but women’s fashion ties come in many shapes, colors, styles, and materials.



Women everywhere love a good belt. It’s the perfect accessory for creating that sought-after hourglass figure. Wider belts can draw the waist in while accentuating the bust. Narrow belts can add just the right splash of color and texture for that gorgeous evening outfit. However, and wherever you wear them, you can’t go wrong with a great belt.


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Boots and shoes are an essential part of any outfit. But they can also make the outfit into something incredibly stylish. There are more designs and designers out there specialising in footwear than ever before. That means there is something for every taste. Colors, buckles and decoration, and the shape can all be used to help accent your personal style. Of course, it’s really important to wear footwear that is actually comfortable. Anything that throws off your balance, leaves you grimacing, or affects your posture negatively should be put in the trash!


Handbags and Purses

Bags are essential. They need to hold everything we might need with us each day. That doesn’t mean one size fits all. It is important to pick a bag or purse that matches your outfit and complements it well. You might style by color, shape or texture. Of course, sometimes, practicality and function are essential. Size and strap may certainly play a huge part in your choice. You can always temporarily style your bag to better suit the rest of your outfit. Scarves are a great accessory for a good handbag. And they’re simple to swap or remove as well.


Accessories really do make the outfit. They complete your style. Accessories can even be used to create and detail your style. What’s your favorite accessory?


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