The Top Places to Find Affordable Artwork

It’s no secret that collecting artwork can be a rather expensive hobby to engage in. Sometimes this preconception about the price of artwork can end up scaring off the typical homeowner who feels it’s probably out of their budget. If you’d like to be able to add artwork to your home, but you’re not sure if you can afford it, you’re going to want to check out these top places to find affordable art for sale.

Local Estate Sales and Garage Sales

Estate sales can be an absolute treasure trove of fabulous pieces. Typically, you’ll find more volume of art at estate sales, as it tends to be more complete collections, but garage sales are usually cheaper. It’s a good idea to attend these sales with a strict budget in mind, measurements for the places you want to add artwork, and a clear idea of the color palette/theme you are looking for. This will help you wade through the options and zero in on the pieces that will work in your space.

The Local Fair or Art Festivals

Many towns and cities hold various fairs and art festivals throughout the year. It gives local artisans a chance to showcase their work and make some sales. From a buyer’s point of view, it can be a wonderful way to snap up a fabulous deal. If you are especially fond of the artist’s work then you can always ask for a business card so you can perhaps see more from them.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are another one of those places where if you dig deep enough, you’re bound to find a few pieces that you fall in love with. Keep in mind the inventory at the thrift store is constantly changing and revolving so if you see something you like you will need to snap it up fast.

Online Art Dealers

The internet is a wonderful source of information, and it’s also a very popular place to do some shopping. Artwork is widely available online through online art curators. You can find everything from original art to reprints and posters. What this means is that you should have no problem finding something within your budget. Take for example Fine Art America which features art for sale from hundreds of thousands of artists. You’ll be able to browse through well-known prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, and even iconic images.

You Only Need to Impress Yourself

It’s very easy to start getting caught up in what makes a piece of artwork “good”, but at the end of the day, who is to say what makes art interesting, unique, and beautiful to a person? The artwork you choose should resonate with you, and make you happy. This means its value and the name of the artist really don’t matter.

An Affordable Collection is Possible

Just because you want to start your own art collection doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to do so. The artwork can be very inexpensive and still hit the mark in your space. It’s all about knowing where to shop to find the deals.

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