Tips On Decluttering For Christmas

This time of year we always have a massive clear out and sell any unwanted or toys that the kids have grown out of. It can be a really fab idea to declutter and minamilise the toys especially as the kids get older and their needs get a bit more tailored.
Its the same for my things too. There are books I have read, CDs bought on a whim and now I have gone digital these items are taking up valuable space. So I am trying to sort out and declutter as much as I can. Here are my tips:
Concentrate on one room/area at a time.
I have gone through each room and then separated each room into an area. The kids toys in the living room are all in Drona boxes so it has been easy to go through one and a time. If you try to do a bit of one room and then another it will not only take more time but also make you feel overwhelmed.
Find listing sites for those unwanted items.
For those items in good condition then it is worth selling items in batches of what they are such as kids clothes 12-18 months, books: biographies or thing about parcelling items up and selling for those can car boot (we don’t have a car so this is an ideal way of selling for us.
Pick one trusted courier to use.
A courier like Shiply can be really great for sending furniture or bigger parcels. I find that I use one courier and stick to it so that I know where everything is and how to trace it all in one place. Royal Mail can be super expensive and often you find a courier is cheaper as well as insured properly too.
Decluttering on the lead up to Christmas is also helpful n avoiding duplicate presents. Once you have got everything sorted it will help you list what is really important and you’ll feel freer knowing you have more space but also that what you can’t use has gone to a good home that can use it.

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