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Since going from no kids to two kids in under two years I am all for things to help me save time on a daily basis. Here are my top 5 tips for clawing some of that time back… where does it go?

One: Keep a spare top for you and outfit for your babe in your changing bag. Keep the changing bag ready to roll (ie nappies, wipes, snacks etc) and by the front door. This means you won’t have a combined toddler/baby melt down on the way out of the house when you realise you’re missing something vital!

Two: Set up the breakfast table before you go to bed. I even leave a mug out with a teabag in it ready to fill up! This means that you get your tea a nanosecond faster once the kettle is boiled and you won’t have a whingy kid clinging onto your legs shouting CEREAL NOW at you!

Three: Invest in a good concealer and a good mascara, that way you can make your eyes look like you had more than 3 hours of (broken) sleep by widening them and hiding the bags, which practise you can apply both in under a minute even if you don’t bother with any other makeup! Failing that, big sunglasses for the nursery run works well!

Four: Online grocery shopping. Seriously the best invention ever! You can save your faves so they’re there to add every week then add the extras in from your meal plan…

Five: Meal Plan. Something that I should do every week but don’t stupidly. It saves the hassle of ‘hmmm… what’s for dinner… beans on toast again’ and you can even get the kids involved in choosing what they want too. You can scan the cupboards to use up the odds and ends and can often prepare two meals in one night (spag bol and then cook extra mince for a lasagne the next night for example)

Now use any time you’ve saved for a nice hot bubble bath and a few chapters of a good book! Or some sleep…

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Lauren | Belle du Brighton

Lauren is a mama to two living on the South Coast.She spends her time trying to read more books, eat less biscuits and keep the little people happy! Oh, and blogging!
Lauren | Belle du Brighton
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