Spring Cleaning Your Home

With the sun out we are full on in Spring clean mode this month. It’s natural to feel like you want to clear out after the winter hibernation. So, looking at your wellbeing and how your home creates that perfect space is essential. Here are our tips:

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Make a list:

We suggest making a list as it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Start room by room and at the end think about how you’ll factor in getting rid of your things – will you need to factor in a rubbish removal firm or can you give bits and pieces away to charity? Your list should essentially be your checklist so that each tick will give you as sense of achievement.

Tackle the things that give you the grump first:

Is your wardrobe getting you down? Then why not invest in speaking to a local stylist like Bethanie Lunn. This can be super helpful especially if you have a emotional attachment to your wardrobe. Ideally you want to get rid of the things that don’t suit you but keep the things that make you feel ace. There’s no use getting in the dumps at the start of your day because nothing is you in your closet.

Clear out the junk:

When you are clearing out think about what means something to you but also whether you use it? Could someone love it more than you do, is it hidden at the back of the draws, will you hang it on your walls? For those things you’re not sure make a note to come back to it in 3 months time.

Remember that spring cleaning is not just material:

Think about what is holding you back in your life too. If you’re in certain situations or work is getting you down it’s a perfect time to think about a refresh. Maybe think about expanding your knowledge with a few courses so that you can adapt or refresh your career path?

Whatever you do in you spring clean make sure you keep what makes you happy and ditch the stuff that just doesn’t do it for you?

Let us know how you get on!


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