Simple solutions for your guest room

With Christmas season coming up it is an assured thing that at some point you’ll have family and friends visit and that you’ll need to host guests overnight as well. If your guest room is an old sofa bed and lacking in the style department it may be a great time for an overhaul just in time for your Christmas visitors.

Here are a few ways you can make your guest room more homely this year:

Update your bed and bedding

If your bedroom is in need of an overhaul a new lick of paint is an easy fix to do but you may also want to think about buying a new bed then a quick search online for fabric bed sale brings up some gorgeous and reasonable beds which can make your guest space feel more glamourous. With a velvet headboard your guest room will have a luxury space feel that is so much better then the old pull out bed. Plus it gives mum a retreat at home when she needs some breathing space! Add in some new Christmas inspired bedding for a festive feel.

Spare storage in bedrooms

You don’t want anyone to have to keep their luggage in their own suitcase. While this may not seem like a huge deal, it doesn’t make someone feel welcome in your home if they have to keep their items separate. Make sure you have a closet or wardrobe in your spare bedrooms if you plan to have guests over for an extended period of time. This is so they can put their items in your storage and feel more at home. A simple chest of drawers can help with this.

Think about the space after the visit

If they are staying for an extended stay and you know they may want their own space a TV with netflix is a perfect spare room edition. Also fab for when the kids (or parents) are arguing about what to watch!

It could also have a desk so that it can be used as the family office when not a guest room. When homework around the table is not an option is perfect to not have the distractions of home or a messy bedroom. A tranquil space where you can all be productive on projects is perfect for a guest room which is not always in use!

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