Simple and Chic Ways to Update the Rooms in Your Home

When it comes to the home, we often want to update rooms and give them a new look. There are a few ways that you can update some of the rooms in your home this autumn. They are all pretty simple and straightforward ideas; that will work for most budgets.


Framing the Windows


One easy way to update how a room looks is by changing how the window looks. If you currently have curtains, how about changing to some window shutters? Shutters and blinds are a simple change that gives a fresh and modern look. They open the room right up, as curtains can sometimes make the room feel a little boxy. If you do have curtains and don’t fancy changing, there are other things that you can do. If you have quite long curtains at the moment, think about getting them cut shorter, to make the room look a little bigger, for instance.




Lighting plays a huge role in the way a room looks. If you need a brighter space, it could even be as simple as changing the lightbulbs that you have. Getting bulbs that have a higher wattage will instantly make a room look brighter and lighter, during darker evenings. If you just have one light fixture on the ceiling, think about other ways to add light too. Could you get some table or floor lamps to add a new look? Getting a contrasting floor lamp can also make a feature piece. Think about an industrial style light or an oversized desk lamp for a floor lamp. They will add an instant update to the room. It is a simple but effective win.


Walls and Colour


An easy way to make a change is by adding some more colour to the room. Could you add a feature wall to one of the rooms in the home? A living room often lends itself to having a feature wall, perhaps even a photo wall. Paint one of the walls in a contrasting colour to the other three. You could add several photos or pieces of artwork, to make it extra striking. Choose a variety of frames in different sizes to achieve the best look. You can find some great bargains by scouring online voucher sites to save money


Soft Furnishings


Replacing all of the furniture in a room is going to cost a lot. So nobody wants to be doing that. There are some simple things that you can do, though, to make it look as if you have made some big changes. Think about new bedding in the bedroom, including things like cushions and a throw. Could you update a bland wooden floor in a hallway with a snazzy rug or add a centrepiece to your dining table? Small changes can make such a difference. They don’t have to cost a lot either.

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