Setting Up A Shared Bedroom

With baby number 2 on the way we have been thinking a lot about how to divide the biggest bedroom in the house into a room for 2 . The children’s beds obviously are a big priority as we need to make sure that we maximise the space so that they both have enough room as well as space to play with storage to hide away toys come bedtime.

I have started a kids corners board on Pinterest as a space to log all my ideas.

A bunk style bed for Fizz would be my first choice as it would include lots of storage and a nifty book nook for when she wants her own space. A little desk for enjoying some creative time is a must for our girl too.

A Stokke Sleepi for the boy that will grow with him along the way (and fit into our bedroom for at least 6 months). It has a little storage space underneath as because sit expands with growth it means you don’t take up more room than you need.

I would advise against themed beds for a shared space. Unless you have something to separate the room. A shared space needs to feel serene for both children. I think I will try to get a divider so that they can hide form each other should they wish.

We have inbuilt wardrobes do this is one less thing to worry about but some draws are very much needed for odd bits and bobs, pants and socks.

The last thing we will have is a bookcase. No TV in bedrooms is a thing of mine so books for bedtime and on top a CD player for those latest funky nursery rhymes.

What advice do you have for me when creating a shared space?


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