Rubbish Removal Ideas: Litter Picking On a School Holiday?

It’s Christmas time so the kids are home for holiday and they may be a tad bored. Why not join forces with other parents and organize a rubbish removal day at one of the local parks, or another public area, such as a public beach? You could even send an announcement to the local papers calling it a “Christmas Gift To All Citizens In the City.”

Sometimes a “working holiday” is the most fulfilling kind of holiday and a litter picking event will help the kids learn the joy of giving back, a perfect lesson for the holiday season.

You can really make it into a fun Christmas event too by having games and serving Christmas treats like hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks and Christmas cookies. You may even want to take donations to give to one or more of the local charities involved in other rubbish removal projects.

Get the local radio stations involved too! Tell them about your rubbish removal event with the kids and suggest that they interview some of the children and ask them why they think it’s important to remove rubbish removal from our parks. They could also ask the kids why they think people litter and what they think should be done about it. Kids love to hear themselves being interviewed so be sure to record the interview if the broadcast is live. In fact, some radio stations may even be interested in doing a live on location broadcast to invite more people down to the park to help out. Who knows, you may even inspire other litter picking events!

Having games incorporated into your litter picking event will make it more interesting for the kids. For example, you could get there early and hide some beautiful homemade Christmas ornaments, made with items found in the rubbish removal bin of course, and have the kids looking for them while they’re litter picking, similar to an Easter egg hunt. You could also invite a naturalist to give a short bird walk before the kids get started litter picking. He or she could point out the common birds and season birds in the park, helping them to identify them visually and by sound. The kids could then keep count of how many they see, or perhaps look for a bird that is not as common, while they collect the rubbish removal from litter bugs!

You could also get posters for the kids to create educational campaigns about the harm of littering and fly tipping. These could be displayed at the event for passerbyers and others who attend. You could even have a panel of judges to select the top poster and make pre-arrangements for the winning poster to be displayed at a public venue that gets lots of walk in traffic such as the city council building. You could also invite local newspaper reporters with their camera people to take pictures and interview attendees. All of this replicates the good effort and will give the kids a sense of pride in what they’re doing.

You may also want to ask a few local businesses for in kind donations to your cause, such as a free slice of pizza or free arcade passes. You can use these to motivate the kids to collect more rubbish removal by giving these to the top collectors.

Alternately, you can simply raffle these away to all the kids so everyone has an equal chance to win them. This might work best if you have kids of different ages participating since older kids can usually litter pick more than younger kids. However you decide to use them, prizes adds more excitement to the event.

Before you begin your litter picking event, it is important to properly train the participants. They need to know the difference between items that can be recycled versus items that cannot be recycled. You may want to break the kids into teams, each with an adult, or perhaps a responsible older teenager, to help monitor what goes into the rubbish removal bins and what goes into the recycle bins.

Please let Clearabee know about your litter picking event on their Facebook page so they can help get the word out. Clearabee is the leading on demand rubbish removal company in all the UK. They are very supportive of community actions that remove litter and recycle as much of that litter as possible.

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