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Argos emailed us and asked if we would take part in a little home / room makeover project. After having some help with how to save space it was agreed that I would attempt to redecorate an area of our living room on a budget. Since Fizz doesn’t have a space of her own other than her single bedroom it felt lovely to organise a play space that could be quickly switched around to create a working corner for me to blog/work in.

I popped together a little shopping list of carefully selected space saving items which were all delivered on a day of my choosing. This is really easy to do on their online system (although I admit it was done for me this time).

The items arrived a week later and as I hadn’t measured up items properly I decided that in fact I could create 2 spaces in 2 areas of our home with what we had been sent.

So todays post is showing you my new work from home work space.

The basic Argos office desk is  a bargain £12.99, a folding Habitat chair that can easily be stored was £10 and lastly a piece of wall art where I could either have photos or clip my to do lists was £4.99.

1846593_R_Z001A_UC1463071 6172516_R_Z001A_UC1224692

The chair came ready to use and the desk took me around 45 minutes to make (bear in mind I am 12 weeks pregnant so it did take me some time to get the instructions straight in my head and I read them wrongly around 3 times – this is not the fault of the instruction which had I read them properly the first time would have seen me manage to make in 20 mins!).

And out of less than £30 I created this gorgeous space. The desk has a shelf underneath so come the evening I can pack away my computer and use it as a bedside table without any work distractions being about. I love it. I love the fact I can change the desk to something else in our bedroom and it’s big enough to work from too. The wall heart is possibly my favourite thing with lots of We Are Polargram images of our family on it 🙂




i worked in association with Argos who gave us some items for this post but all thoughts and ideas are my own!


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