Review: Mia Tui Bags

I have been a big fan of Mia Tui bags for around 3 years now. Firstly getting myself a bright red Grace for my birthday and my last purchase was the Sophia in the summer of 2013.

Needless to say when I was asked to do a Mia Tui review this year I jumped at the chance. Having met Charlotte and buying from her at various shows over the last few years it is clear that practicality and style can fit together.

Lets got through the bags as I have had them.

The Grace.

MT_Grace_Red_SaleThe perfect bag for those toddler years where you don’t need too much but are sharing bag space with a few snacks or potty training pants. The internal pockets make it easy to separate pants and wipes from diary and iPad. This bag was versatile in terms of usage and lasted my nearly 2 years. It is still going strong but I since replaced it with a steel one.

I purchased this for my birthday in 2011 and got a free black Amelie as part of the deal. It is currently in the sale so if you are not sure which bag is for you this is a great start to a Mia Tui addiction!

The Sophia.

MiaTui_Sofia_Teal_Web_480x480px_largeI have this hobo style bag in teal and bought this for my holidays last year. It was a lovely bag for travelling as well as day to day.

I also use this for the office too as it fits my mac book pro in! It is my favourite bag by far.

The colour and the style are just me. It is showing no signs of wear and tear after daily use!


The Lottie

Lottie_Aub_Web_480x480px_largeMy first Lottie was given to me by Charlotte at a baby show in Brighton so that I wouldn’t have to carry around my iPad all day as well as my camera. It was a great size for the iPad mini and I was thrilled to get one free with my Sofia which I gave to a friend to use.

This is a great gig bag just right to fit what you need in or as a quick nip to the shops bag.


The Olivia

Olivia_Plum_Sq_largeCharlotte sent me this bag in black. Although this colour is not available on the website this was a perfect day bag for me. It fits in my iPad, maternity notes and quite a lot more! I think this is the perfect day trip bag too. Recently we went to London and Fizz had her own little backpack and this was enough for me to fit my bits in, any snacks and magazines we bought along the way. It is really stylish – I would love to see this colour added to the website but if I had to pick one colour this vibrant plum would be for me.

The bag comes with a see through insert bag perfect for make up, sweets or wet toddler socks. Fizz punched the mini bag that came with it and was chuffed that we got a bag each! I was more than happy for her to have her steal moment as I had one with my Sofia.


Overall I think Charlotte has got her range spot on. I love a bit of colour and she regularly asks her facebook fans to vote showing she really is engaging with her audience. I just can’t wait to see what she has in store for SS14!







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