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This year is the year Fizz starts school. My little creative bundle to little pupil. I’ve got to be honest this scares me and overjoys me all at the same time.

After reading a year two parenting post over on Gav’s blog this morning it comes to me about how quickly 4 years of parenthood have come along. I suppose when you are in the middle of it then it’s times like these you really reflect on the past while still bring excited about what’s to come.

We hope to get our first school choice. I feel good about this school and it’s lovely feel of creativity. I feel the same way I feel about Fizz’s nursery. It’s a place for her to be nurtured and to grow her own personality and dabble in her own loves not just ours (although they often match together).

The school run will be an exciting time. We will have a newborn who will turn 4 weeks the day before Fizz schooling starts. I’m trying to make plans so we will have post school bonding time that concentrates on Fizz but I know this may prove difficult too. I’m determined to make sure she feels that she has my attention when telling me about her day. So we can sit at the table and work on her creativity post school hours too.

It’s all very exciting!

The lovely people at Cosatto have asked me to join up with them ready for our transition to school and a family of four. They’ve given us a pushchair with a cot attachment and car seat to make our journey to and from school much easier. I am thrilled to be asked to be a brand ambassador!

So with that I talked to @squishblog and we’ve decided to do something to document our little ones first school year. We will be doing a linky where with the hashtag #schoolrun #schoolrunmum #schoolrundad we will be asking you to share your nursery or school run snaps or milestones with is. It may be a photo on Instagram. It may be a blog post describing how the school process is going for you. You don’t have to link up to a buggy brand if you don’t want to but you are welcome to if you want to. For me it’s a chance to document this big change and Danielle & I would love you to be a part of that too!

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