Review //Anahata Health and Wellness Clinic

I recently had a very fortunate opportunity to visit the Anahata clinic in Brighton to experience all they had to offer!

We first started with a wonderful chat with the owner, Deborah, who talked us through the wonderful story of how Anahata came to be.  Deborah has a wonderful way of making you feel like you are walking through the story with her! The story is beautiful and inspirational! And is steeped in the walls of the building and helps it to feel alive from the minute you walk in the door.

Following a brief interlude and what I can say is the sweetest most tasty purified water we graduated into a yoga lesson.

I have done many yoga lessons and felt that I was being pushed to do things that my body couldn’t physically do, with no deviation in the class for those less flexible than the rest of the class.

Our yoga instructor, Bev, was warm welcoming and fun. She made the class so interesting and really adapted the class to each individual person. You where made to feel that each pose you did was benefiting you and your body. For every pose we did she gave us an explanation as how it could help us and it’s true spiritual meaning. I have been to many yoga lesson but none felt like this one. At the end of the class I felt energised and ready for the rest of the day.

Following my yoga class I had a brief break before going for an acupuncture session with Tom Waterman. This acupuncture session started with a very in depth talk about my health which took some time. Tom was welcoming, calming and very knowledgeable. We discussed that he could seE various health issues I was struggling with just through the fullness of my tongue and gave me some good advice on homeopathic medicines I could take and adjustments to my diet that would ease some of my symptoms.

I had a fantastic acupuncture session, I was given a good 30 minutes to just relax, and I could the energy flowing (it is both uplifting and off at the same time) the acupuncture really hit all my trouble areas, I really did feel the benefit immediately.

Following the acupuncture session we moved onto a cupping session (for those who don’t know, cupping is a series of glass domes heated up and they vacuum to your back) it sounds unusual but it was strangely very therapeutic. Where your skin is vacuumed into the cups it encourages blood flow (if was described to me by Tom as an inverted massage).

Following the cupping when they where removed Tom used a massaging rubbing method to keep the blood flowing it also helps to keep toxins to move to.

I was so impressed by my day at the Anahata clinic I have been back to see Tom for a second session and more advice on what I can do to help myself feel better. I will also be going back soon to experience some more therapies.

The minute you walk in the door at Anahata you feel a positive welcoming energy I cannot recommend it enough!

The Anahata Health Clinic is on the
corner of Edward Street and
St James avenue.

119/120 Edward Street,

Tel: 01273 698687

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