My Style Monday // Post Natal Styling

After you have had a baby it can be quite difficult to style yourself . Bumps are in places they weren’t before and if you are breastfeeding then you need to think about buying those essential tops for quick and easy access.

Since Froglets birth I was determined to get back into looking after me as I realise how important it can be for both mental and physical health. That’s not to say I agree with pressure on new mums to lose weight, oh no! But I do believe in a long soak in the bath, a bit of polish on my nails, a much needed hair cut too.

I decided to give away or get rid of the maternity clothes by 12 weeks. Mainly as a shopping spree would make me feel good. Froglets pregnancy and birth meant I actually ended up losing weight compared to my weight on becoming pregnant. My shape hasn’t changed so much and I’m mostly a size 14.

I have been lucky enough to have been sent some essential items for my wardrobe.

Mango Boyfriend Jeans

These boyfriend jeans were part of a sale at John Lewis. The lovely PR sent me a pair and I am wearing them to death. Great with flats/converse. Just a very gorgeous comfy pair of jeans.

Jane Norman Skinny Jeans

Again these are a great addition to my wardrobe. Unfortunately they are a little tight especially around my section scar so these will be my target to get into jeans.

A pair of sandals for casual like looks. I like a neutral sandal that doesn’t over shoot an outfit. These are perfect for the school run or lazy days at the beach.

New Look Vest Tops

At £3.99 each I have one in every colour. Perfect for layering up and when worn in pairs they are breastfeeding friendly. At the price I don’t mind if hey stretch out and then they will be bedtime vesties later in life.

Collectif Cropped Jacket

I found one in their sale for less than £17 – I am thrilled!

Have you updated your wardrobe recently?


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