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I have a joke about how I don’t leave the house without supervision now so when Persil sent us a little care package for Fizz to paint with and test out it seemed perfect timing to do some crafty stuff at home….that was until our washing machine broke down and not enough time to rope a friend in to help.

Normally we don’t use Bio washing powder due to eczema and asthma in our household. I thought however we would give this a go and see if it was just as gentle on our skin as well as our clothes. Since we have a lovely little local council run launderette we knew that the powerful machines there would give our clothes a really good rinse.

Persil supplied a mini art kit with chocolate buttons, ink, apple juice and paint. It took my back turned for seconds for the buttons to be devoured rather than melted on the clothes.

Trying to get outside for a regular Country Kids post has proved difficult so I let Fizz experiment with the other items on our balcony….we ended up with this….


Washing wise the liquid didn’t do too badly. It didn’t quite remove the blue ink stain from Fizz’s dress but it has faded upon 2 more washes.


A note from Persil.


Introducing NEW Persil small and mighty:

An amazing new detergent that can also be used as a pre-treater, even in a quick wash*!

Life throws us a whole load of challenges, and removing tough stains from your family’s clothes is one you could do without.  Ground-breaking NEW and IMPROVED Persil small and mighty is here to help with whatever life throws at you.  Its innovative Stain Eraser Ball – that can also be used as a pre-treater – has been specially developed with Parents in mind.

Persil understands your time is precious, so years of research and innovation have ensured NEW Persil small and mighty now guarantees better stain removal even in a quick wash*, with help from the Stain Eraser Ball – like dried-in Bolognese, blackberry fruit and grass stains.  Letting kids get active and make a mess has never been easier as NEW Persil small and mighty has all the expert cleaning power you need in one product to remove the toughest stains- so much so that it won Product of the Year 2014.  Ensuring you are always ready for whatever life throws at you!

Say goodbye to separate pre-treaters- simply ‘Pop, Pour, Rub’

The first thing you’ll notice is the new multifunctional bottle design.  It has an easy-to-open flip top lid and spout for mess-free pouring.

At the heart of the bottle is the unique multifunctional Stain Eraser Ball. Not only is it perfect for measuring exact dosages but it also helps you pre-treat tough stains directly using the Stain Eraser Ball’s dimpled surface. Simply ‘Pop’ the Stain Eraser Ball out of the bottle, ‘Pour’ the liquid detergent directly on to the stain and ‘Rub’ the stain with the Eraser Ball’s dimpled surface, before your main wash.

Guaranteed stain removal even in a quick wash

NEW Persil small and mighty has incredible stain removal ability to help guarantee clean clothes even in a quick wash*.  The new formulation guarantees expert stain removal of common types of stains -including tea and grass– the bain of every parent’s laundry experience up until now! So much so, that it was voted Product of the Year for 2014.

The new formulation contains new stain remover technologies so you can say goodbye to stains like tomato sauce and berries, along with improved whiteness and brightness.

Marloes Garben, Brand Manager for Persil, says: ‘We have spent years researching the challenges faced by Parents when it comes to cleaning their family’s clothes.  NEW Persil small and mighty is a ground-breaking detergent that can also be used as a pre-treater.  The Stain Eraser Ball can clean those stubborn stains family life throws at you – like ink, pasta sauce and blackcurrant juice- so tough stains will be a thing of the past! The fact that it guarantees stain removal even in a quick wash* is another way we’re hoping to help Parents and give them more time back in their busy day!’

Now there’s no excuse not to try it.  Dirt is good, after all!

Recommended Retail Prices. Retailers are free at all times to set their own retail prices. Keep a lookout for promotions across all major retailers!

  • Persil Bio and Colour – 525ml – 15 washes – £4.69*
  • Persil Bio and Colour – 875ml – 25 washes – £6.79*
  • Persil Bio and Colour – 1400ml – 40 washes – £9.99*
  • Persil Bio and Colour – 2100ml – 60 washes – £13*



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