My Style // Lipstick Love

Lipstick Love

I literally have a whole draw of lipsticks, no 2 are the same colour, there are similar shades but they all give that slightly different look to your lips. My personal favourite brand is Chanel, they literally feel like silk on your lips and as well as great pigments they moisturise your lips through the […]

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Unique Of The Week / Liz Earle

Liz Earle Moisturiser

We all have one product we couldn’t live without right? I know I have several Liz Earle products that I love including the shower gel and the cleanse and polish. But the biggest one for me is a decent face moisturiser. Even if I’ve had very little sleep, suffering with seasonal dry skin or experiencing […]

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My Style // Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklace

I am not often found without being accessorized. My Christmas list each year consists of scarfs, bracelets, hats, handbags and most importantly Necklaces. When the hubby is asked what type of Necklace people should buy for me he will always say “Bigger is Better” and he isn’t wrong. Then is something so awesome about Statement […]

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Unique Of The Week // Surania


There is nothing like growing eight pounds of baby in your uterus to push your hips out, leave a little extra skin around the middle and create boobs pretty much unrecognisable from how they looked before. Surania is a company that makes swimwear for every woman with each item completely customisable. ¬†Whether your figure is […]

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My Style // Naturally Lux Hair

This isn’t about spending a fortune on the latest Morrocan Oil miracle cream or a lengthy trip to the hairdressers for a deep conditioner. Lux hair is something you can get at home, without breaking the bank or having to arrange childcare! This is about going back to basics, stepping away from the hair and […]

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