My Tips On Dealing With Carpal Tunnel

For a few years now I have suffered with  carpal tunnel . This started when I was pregnant with Fizz and although I had been told it that it would subside. In fact for me it didn’t. The time I got it decreased but when it did I could have a more severe reaction. Often I would have a numb sensation to my elbows and it would slow down my online work for that day.
Photo by Lyndsey Marie on Unsplash

Over the years though I have found a few solutions to this problem.

I started taking vitamin b12. If I keep on top of a daily spray of my Better You boost then it can keep symptoms at bay.

Shaking your hands out can work for some people but didn’t work so well for me. Rest from using my computer and most of all my phone can relieve it. I opted for a bigger phone as well so my hands don’t use it in a claw like fashion.

Changing the way I work helped too. Swapping the phone / iPad for pen and paper as well as using a laptop meant my hands were in a freer position. I’ll be honest and say both make me more productive as well! If you work for someone else ask for a work place assessment. Any employer should adopt a rule to assess workspace especially in a computer led environment.

In colder weather gloves make all the difference. Warmth has always soothes it for me but I do know for some cold helps too. It is finding a solution that works for you so often not one size fits all with treatment.

I know some friends have had to have injections or as a last resort an operation to combat carpal tunnel. I am thankful that for now that’s not an option I am looking into. I am hoping that the changes I have made are enough to combat it. Keeping on top of these changes is key.

Have you had carpal tunnel? Please share your tips with me.

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