My Style: Updating a wardrobe

Since having my daughter 3 1/2 years ago I have really struggled with my sense of style. I am starting to relearn what suits and what doesn’t.

The point is I often miss rather than hit. The vest top and baggy combats don’t fit right, the high heels don’t cope with wider feet. I’ve added on a few stone and my whole body shape has changed. I mean no one naturally has that c section scar over hang long…do they?

Earlier this year I met up with local stylist Janine and explained all about my body woes. That I just can’t shop for me anymore.

The first thing Janine does is ask what your style loves are. She explains that you can still love your style but just a few little changes mean you will look heaps better.

The first thing that happens is a little bit scary. A big sheet of paper is stuck to the wall and Janine draws around you. It’s amazing to see how your body shape looks when this is done. Janine has a great eye and automatically points out your best bits!

It’s explained to me how my hair cut needs to be to suit my face and shape, how spaghetti straps are a no go and how a Chanel style jacket should be a staple in my wardrobe.

The session feels fun and informative. Janine is never forceful of what you can and can’t wear but is very good about being subtle – she pointed out I need higher waist trousers to stop the muffin too look.

The next step is doing my colours….

You can follow Janine on twitter for up to date tips!


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