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Each week we will bring you someone that we think has great style. Unique and Chic in their very own way. This week it’s Kate from Katie and the Kids.
imageCan you describe your current style and what inspires it?
 I’d say my style (if you can call it that) is pretty much standard no matter what I’m doing. It’s skinny jeans or trousers, shirt or t-shirt – depending on where I’m going depends on how dressy it is, a jacket of some sort and either flats or heels. I tend to live in my converse although they make my feet freeze in this lovely summer we’re having. My hair is always ombre’d (in fact, I need a touch up) and if it’s not loose, it’s piled up on top of my head in a make do topknot. I’m currently doing my yearly discussion of should I grow my fringe out or keep it. It’s a big question in the AG household…. Jewellery wise I stick with my MK watch, wedding rings, pandora bracelt & studs. I love huge bracelets and chunky necklaces but I never get round to wearing them!
As for inspiration I’m not sure I have any particular style icon, I just tend to like women who wear what suits them, without worrying what’s “in” I’d never be one to follow a trend justbecause it’s a trend. If I look ridiculous then I’m not going to wear it! I love browsing Pinterest & Tumblr and some blogs do great “What I’m wearing” posts, so I suppose I get ideas from there. I’m also never without a glossy mag!
What’s the biggest fashion/beauty mistake you’ve ever made?
Oooooh! I spent years, YEARS, not doing anything with my eyebrows & being a redhead means I have pure blonde brows & lashes. When I finally got round to tinting them, my whole face changed! Now the brows and lashes are always dark. Fashion wise, I suppose all the 80’s gear I used to wear would be classed as a mistake! As well as trying to hide my curves in baggy clothes. The curves didn’t go away but I looked like the size of a house!
If you could only use 1 beauty product for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
 Just one!? It would have to be mascara. My eyes disappear without it!
How has your style changed over the years? 
I think I’ve just got more confident in myself as I’ve got older. My figure was obviously a lot different pre-kids but I didn’t really know who I was back then, so my wardrobe was a mish mash of styles, none of which worked! I did the 80’s kid in shellsuits and headbands, I did the grungy look in the 90’s, and I also did the baggy trousers and tight top look, a la’ All Saints. And no, there is no photographic evidence! haha!
Do you have a fashion idol? Who & why?
I don’t think I have an idol. I love what Olivia Palermo wears, she always looks stunning. I also love Christina Hendricks, two totally different looks. I think it all comes down to their style & how they carry it, rather than what they wear in particular.
Lastly what’s been your favourite style ever? 
Easy, skinny jeans, denim shirt, arm candy, gorgeous bag, and bright heels. Glossy but not overdone.
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