May’s Must Have: Wilko Green Ribbed Vase

I love flowers. I buy them weekly from our local flower stall. My absolute favourite are yellow roses which I grow in my garden but I am just as happy with some daffs or carnations. In fact my girls are now obsessed with flowers and Little Miss now helps choose our weekly bunches. Because flowers are grown locally we rarely spend over £5 for 3 bunches of flowers.

As a result of buying weekly flowers I have a lovely collection of vases, jugs and glass jars that I fill with my weekly bounty.


However I am always on the look out for new vases and Wilko have some gorgeous ones this season. My favourite it this Green Ribbed Vase which is only £8. I think flowers look great in green vases, its really makes their colours pop.

Wilko Green Ribbed Vase


This may find its way in to my basket this week on my weekly visit. I’ll call it an early birthday present!

Are obsessed with fresh flowers? Do you have a favourite vase that you use?




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