The Magnificent Seven: Perfect Timeless Watches For Women

It is said that when you are searching for the right watch, it is comparable to finding your other half.  So, if that is the case then let’s start with the top of the range and have a look at some of the best on the market in 2014.

For the long term choose the ultimate

The ultimate can be the perfect choice, and if it is, you will treasure it forever; conversely, select an inept one and you will be desperate to get rid of it within a year or two. Women have a venerated relationship with watches and with that in mind, you could swap the engagement ring for a classic 1954 Rolex Oyster or the classic Santos from Cartier Galbée from Watches of Switzerland, where there is many premium styles to select from.

Wearing a timeless work of art

When you are unsure about style, wear a classic piece.  It can be worn with anything plus suit all occasions allowing for you to emanate the sophistication on the level of Catherine Deneuve. There is none that surpasses this creation: the classic Jaeger-LeCoultre with its sliding face and red gold design.


Combining gender bending with glamour

We wear his shirts and jumpers sometimes therefore there is no reason why you should not take a look at the Classic sport Tag Heuer watch in superb red gold. The face is black in contrast with roman numerals and perfect minuscule diamonds

Gracious femininity 

To be adorned with the splendiferous magnificence associated with Chopard, is to be seated close to the Gods of supreme refinement. The gold wrist watch crosses into the sporty domain with a modern twist that allows for the face to be encircled in diamonds to emphasise its florid signature.

Wearing a splash of vavavoom!

In the Roman era, it was more customary to wear a slinky arm bracelet in the shape of a snake to denote power and to fend off any evil spirits. Today when you wear such an ornament, its implications are more subtle and yet just as significant. Bulgari has introduced a gold diamond wrist watch that climbs the contours of your forearm with knowing reptilian intelligence, creating a dramatic effect at any event.

The sporty and elegant stylish watch

Wearing a watch is a statement in itself and if deciding whether you prefer the sporty over the sophisticated look, perhaps you could think about combining them both. The ever timeless sporty Dior Timepiece watch will appeal to you as it is in black with the dial surrounded by minute diamonds with a sophisticated design to integrate your entire wardrobe.

Sheer majesty and grandeur

Everyone who understands understated style and sophistication looks to Audrey Hepburn: similarly as you decide on a Patek Philippe character watch, you feel drawn immediately to the Tiffany design. You will appreciate its sleek black, silver and double row of discreet diamonds that include the elongated roman numerals par excellence.


Any of these seven timepieces will be sure to add style to your flow through 2014 and beyond!


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