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Venturing out last saturday we noticed a new supermarket open across from St Peter’s Church. I say we noticed but we have read and tweeted with this ethical supermarket, supported it for months before it opened. It’s called HiSbe (How It Should Be). If you have missed all the fuss then start with why they have wanted this project to get off the ground…

‘at hiSbe we think that putting happiness first is a route to a more responsible, fair and sustainable food industry. So we consider the happiness of people, animals and the planet when it comes to sourcing our products.’

1484152_617385814964123_277714301_n-180x160What’s not to love about the ethics surrounding this social enterprise. Supplying local people with local products, less waste, easy on the pocket, supporting local farmers and making sure the producers care about their animals, fields and surroundings.

I went into the supermarket on open day at around 4pm. The shop was still busy and my daughter (Fizz, 3) loved looking around all the new things picking out some organic pasta shapes and we took home our Christmas turkey to freeze too. We spent £25 on a turkey breast covered in bacon that will easily feed the 5 adults and 3 children coming to ours for Christmas lunch. I have to say that I was surprised that it was so affordable. Challenging supermarkets with a mostly like for like pricing. Even the carriers bags priced at 10p were fully degradable and made from plants!

I think what gets me about hiSbe is the fact the local community invested in this supermarket to get it off the ground. The community obviously want something different to those big high street stores and want to have a more old school green grocer/know where your produce is from kind of deal.

I would really suggest you go and support this business so that it thrives. It is just what our community needs and if this supermarket can challenge the big ones then I am all for that! Support and buy local this Christmas!

As I type there are a limited amount of vouchers still available on the website for £10 you get a £12 spend – grab some while you can!


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