We’re living in wonderland

First things first, you’ll soon realise that we genuinely have a “unique” sense of style and taste. We don’t just buy/ make bits and bobs that are in fashion or current trends. If we see something we like, we tend to just go for it.


Alice in wonderland is our current love – 3.5yr old mini U&C loves her, she even asks us to brush her hair to make her “like Alice” as this was our childhood favourite we’re only too happy to oblige.

We saw this transfer on good old eBay, it sat around for a while until I decided what to do with it. As we’ve recently changed bedrooms over – sacrificing my large craft room *boo hiss* so mini U&C can have a larger space to sleep in.

She now has a reading area – Cue the need for another cushion (she already has 6) but can you be too comfy?


Another romantic piece I love that’s in my collection. This canvas was a present, but you can buy directly from the stunningly talented Aimsyboo it’s a treat as it retails at only £25! This was custom made just for me which makes it all the more special. Aimsyboo takes commissions on cards, canvases and is also a dab hand with a sewing machine.

So that’s our first installment, we hope you enjoyed reading about our loves and will come back and visit.

What’s your favourite item in your house?

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