The Only Jewelry Styling Tutorial You’ll Ever Need

I know some people can get a little confused when it comes to styling up their jewellery. You want it to look professionally put together. How you’d see it on a celebrity on the red carpet, perhaps! However, many find that it rarely turns out like this. Some people feel as if their outfit is ‘missing’ something. If you want to be able to style your jewelry perfectly once and for all, this is the only styling tutorial you’ll ever need!

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Try Choosing Your Jewellery First


Instead of choosing your outfit and then your jewellery, try choosing your jewellery first. If you have some statement pieces you’ve been dying to wear, put them on. Then try on your outfits and see what looks best! This is great if you really want to wear something in your jewellery box, simply work your outfit around it.


Fill In The Gaps


So, you’re dressed in an outfit you want to wear. Now what? Try filling in the gaps. If you are wearing a high neck top with bare arms, it makes no sense to put on a necklace. It would look crowded and not right at all. Instead, you could wear some bangles or a nice pair of earrings. You want to balance out your look with your jewellery, without looking OTT. You definitely don’t want to look as if you’ve tried too hard. This is why many people take off the last thing they put on before leaving the house.


Make A Statement


Making a statement with your jewellery can be a lot of fun. If you want to wear a statement ring, don’t just wear it alone though. Consider surrounding it with more subtle pieces of jewellery. This adds dimension to your look, and can even bring more attention to your statement piece!



Try Layering


You can layer just about anything, from rings to necklaces. Try longer and shorter necklaces together and see how they look. Try wearing multiple earrings. Try wearing both thick and thin rings. You should even wear midi rings so that you can play with heights and make your look even more interesting! If you’re stuck, there are plenty of pictures out there you can take inspiration from.


Make Your Own


If you’re sick of wearing the same jewellery that others seem to be wearing, make your own! There’s an option for every budget here. Imagine how cool you’ll look in your own handmade denim choker? Imagine how luxurious you’ll look with a diamond necklace you designed yourself? The best part is, you can find loose diamonds at wholesale prices if you’re worried about cost. Pay someone to make something for you or get creative and crafty yourself.


Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Styles And Colours


Mix up different jewellery styles to add texture to your look. Don’t be afraid to mix up different jewellery colours either! You can definitely wear silver, gold, and rose gold together. It’s all about having fun!
Do you have any styling tips you want to share? I’d love to hear them!

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