Here’s What To Look Out For Next Time You Buy A House

Buying a house is stressful and anybody who has ever done it knows it. After all the excitement of finding that perfect property, moving day reveals horrors you never saw coming. Falling in love with a place when somebody is still living there can prove misleading. Problems can be hidden, and owners may not be completely honest with the troubles their property may bring you. So how do you avoid a nightmare when you cross the threshold of your new home?


View as many properties as you can. That way, you will get an idea about how things can be covered up. Furniture in peculiar places and rooms filled with supposed packing boxes may hide problems with damp or rot. It’s best to ask what’s behind there or try to investigate a little more. If you are with an estate agent like the ones at, you may be able to ask them to find out more about the history of the property too.


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Estate agents are very good at liaising with the owners to get you the answers you’re looking for. It’s best to take this approach rather than dealing with a property owner directly. Agents can also provide you with a lot of details about the local area if you’re from out of town. Best of all, they are the best source for finding plenty of properties that match your requirements. The more you see, the better. It will help you refine your list of priorities for a home too.


Surveys are often required by mortgage companies when you borrow against a property. You can find out what they may look for at websites like Unfortunately, they rarely offer you a clear insight about the property. You won’t know, for example, that the washing machine in the kitchen isn’t really plumbed in. And you won’t know that the ensuite toilet blocks when you flush. If you have your suspicions that the property may be problematic, commission a more detailed survey that can give you more answers. And don’t be afraid to look behind cabinets, doors, and furniture.


If you are considering expanding a property you want to buy, take a builder with you on one of your viewings to confirm your plans are practical. Don’t forget to make enquiries with your local authority to check they would be able to approve your ideas with planning consent. Always check the neighbouring houses for precedent. If you’re after a loft conversion, make sure someone in the street has already done it. You’ll be less likely to encounter problems if a precedent has been set. Why not knock on their door and ask to have a look?


Don’t forget to take extra pictures or a video of the house you view. Do the same in the gardens and the sheds so you have plenty of references to think about later. The brochures are a great starting point, but they can’t possibly show everything you may be interested in. Take photos of the appliances that will be staying. That way you can check how old they are and find manuals online to determine their functions. Happy house hunting!


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