How To Get Your Kids Into History

Sometimes it is difficult to get children interested in certain subjects. Children often think that history is boring and doesn’t relate to their lives. For this reason, it can be hard to capture their imagination and inspire them to learn. However, history is an interesting and diverse topic and there are lots of ways you can get your kids into learning about what has gone before. Here are some ideas to make history fun.

Dressing-up and role play

One of the most fun ways to make history interesting is to dress up, take on roles and act out scenes from history. Use the Internet to research costume ideas with your child and find out about specific eras before dressing up and acting out scenarios.

A multi-media approach 

While some children learn well from a book, other children find this approach boring or even difficult. Try using different sources of information to retain you child’s interest in the topic. DVDs, CDs and the Internet are just some of the media you can use to teach your children.

Play games

Games are always a fun way to learn any subject. Word games, physical games and computer games are just some of the options available to you. There are plenty of traditional games that you can adapt to suit a theme. If you are struggling for inspiration for history-based games, then search the Internet for resources. There are lots of educational sites that provide free printable resources for parents to use with their children.

Create a newspaper report

An interesting activity is to create a newspaper report together. You can choose a specific event and then ask your child to write about it as though they are giving readers breaking news. For example, they could write about the events that happened in the run-up to World War One, give the article a heading and find pictures on the Internet.

Days out

Not all learning has to take place in a classroom or the home. There are many different environments that provide opportunities to learn. A day out is exciting for children, so take them somewhere they can learn about the history topic you are currently teaching them. Museums are a fantastic source of information for history projects. Similarly, visiting castles or locations where particular events took place is more likely to capture your children’s imagination than simply reading about historical events.

Historical fiction

If your child enjoys reading but finds factual information boring, then reading historical fiction is a good alternative. There are many children’s books that are based on historical events but are written as a fictional story. This can be a fantastic way to get your child interested in learning more about a particular historical era or event.


For children who are creative, using crafts is an ideal way to teach them about history. This is also a good approach to take if your child prefers a kinaesthetic learning style. You can do crafts that relate to a particular era, create storyboards of events, create scenes or build structures. The opportunities for crafts relating to history are endless, so get creative.

History needn’t be a boring subject for children. Adapting your approach to teaching and including a variety of different activities will keep children interested. They will soon think that learning history is fun and want to find out more.


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