Friday Five // Beauty Bag Travel Essentials

When you’re packing for your summer holiday you’ll probably be thinking bikinis, dresses, sun glasses and sun lotion… Not to mention a hundred outfit changes for the children if you have them! For me, I cannot go anywhere without a well-stocked beauty bag so here are my top five beauty bag travel essentials.

  1. Make-up. It’s an obvious one, but I am really fussy about my make-up and need my No 7 tinted moisturiser for during the day and Benefit foundation for going out – both have UV protection which is an added bonus. I also adore Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara, Rimmel eyeliner pencils and Benefit Hoola blusher. Can anyone tell my favourite make-up brand?!
  2. Skin care products – I swear by the Simple range and use their eye make-up remover, cleansing lotion and hydrating moisturiser every day.
  3. Mitchum deodorant – I’ve got quite sensitive skin but find that Mitchum doesn’t irritate yet keeps me nice and fresh, perfect for strolls along the beach, or lazing on the beach, or walking to the nearest ice-cream parlour!
  4. Perfume – I am so in love with Crabtree & Evelyn’s Pear and Pink Magnolia Eau de Toilette. It’s like the smell of English country gardens and is so light and floral it makes every day feel beautiful.
  5. Childs Farm Hair Detangler – Yes, it’s a kids’ product, however I have really fine hair and after swimming or having my hair up, it gets really tangled and most products weigh it down. This one has a gorgeous tangerine fragrance and works like a dream, leaving my hair untangled, light and smelling lovely!
Make-up done, ready to hit the town!

Make-up done, ready to hit the town!

I have other bits and bobs such as eyeshadows and lipsticks, but these are the key products that I absolutely need to have with me when I’m travelling. I always keep them in my hand luggage so that even if my main bags were to go missing, I’d not be without these. That means keeping to below the 100ml limit but that’s not a problem and most of these products are either below that anyway or available in travel sizes.

Top tip: Keep the little bottles of shampoo and body wash from hotels, they’re great for decanting your own products into for future trips. You’re welcome!

What are your top beauty essentials when you’re travelling? Anything you’d add to my list?


  1. July 24, 2015 / 8:54 am

    Oh great products. I agree with the makeup always top of my list.
    I use Benefit Rocketeer as perfect blush. I love they’re real but haven’t tried roller. Must.

    I am off to get the detangler as I find adult ones pretty crap x

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