Five Must-Have Women’s Watches 2015

It’s said that searching for the right watch is comparable to finding your other half.  So, if that is the case then let’s start with the top of the range and have a look at some of the best on the market in 2015.
Finding the ultimate timepiece can be a hard, with lots to consider. It needs to be something that you will treasure forever. With this in mind, it’s important to purchase the perfect timepiece from watch experts such as Watches of Switzerland. Whether you need a guided approach to purchasing your first luxury watch, or help choosing another timepiece for your collection, they’ll provide you with impartial, tailored advice, to help you make an informed decision. 

Here are a few of the most popular timepieces that have been popular with women shopping at Watches of Switzerland during 2015.

A Timeless Work of Art

When you are unsure about style, invest in a classic piece.  It can be worn with anything, and will suit all occasions – allowing for you to emanate a sophistication on par with Catherine Deneuve. There are no models that surpass the classic Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso (with its elegant square dial and black leather strap).

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Unisex watches

Although Tag Heuer is most commonly associated with men’s fashion, there is no reason why women can’t take a look at the classic sport Tag Heuer watch. The faces of the sport watches in this collection are usually black in contrast to the roman numerals and perfect, discreet diamonds. However, as you can see from the model below, this sports watch takes an unconventional approach and can almost be passed as a dress watch, making it perfect for both men and women to wear.

Image courtesy of Watches of Switzerland

 Gracious Femininity 

To be adorned with the magnificence associated with Chopard is to be seated close to the Gods of supreme refinement. The Happy Sport with its playfully sporty strap adds a touch of elegance and sparkle with its rose gold tinted dial encompassed with dancing diamonds to emphasise its florid signature.

Image courtesy of Watches of Switzerland

An Original Design

In the Roman era, it was more customary to wear an elaborate bracelet in the shape of a snake to denote power and to fend off any evil spirits. Today, the unique design of an accessory draws attention to one’s sense of style . Gucci has introduced a wristwatch that emulates the intricate and original style influences of past civilisations that climbs the contours of your forearm. The Gucci Bamboo watch creates a dramatic effect with its contrast of steel and bamboo, elegantly intertwined for a feminine statement.


Image courtesy of Watches of Switzerland

The Sports Luxe Watch

Wearing a watch is a statement in itself and whether you prefer sporty timepiece over a dressier style, perhaps it is also an option to think about combining the two. Ever timeless, the Hublot sports watch with its white strap, silver dial and diamonds around makes for a classy and sophisticated design to contrast subtly or perfectly compliment a variety of looks.

Image courtesy of Watches of Switzerland

Each of these five exceptional and stylish timepieces are proving to be extremely popular amongst women this year. Each will be sure to add style, elegance and originality to your wardrobe and everyday look throughout 2016 and beyond.


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