Creative ways to get Kids Active

Are you struggling with ways to keep your child active? Sometimes, regular activities just isn’t exciting enough to get kids moving. Therefore, you’ll need to come up with more creative ways that encourage your kids to exercise. 

If you were stuck for ideas, you’re in the right place! Let’s take a look at some fun ways to get your kids active below.


Dancing – Setting up sing along and dance nights for children is a ton of fun and gets them moving. As soon as you turn on your child’s favorite songs, they’re bound to get moving in no time. 

You can also create games out of dancing in case it gets a little tedious on its own. A good one involves playing the music and stopping it every now and then. The aim of the game is that everyone has to freeze when the music stops and begin dancing when you start the music again. 

Volleyball with a Balloon – Playing indoors is a great option if you can’t monitor your kids outside but getting them active indoors takes some creative thinking. Kids love volleyball but a normal volleyball can lead to numerous broken vases, window and other household items…Therefore, playing with a balloon may be a better option! 

Set up two chairs on in the middle of the room to hold up a sheet which is used as the net. Create the teams and start an indoor game of volleyball,. This get your kids active without the constant need to monitor them outdoors and with minimal worry of causing any damage. 

Hula Hooping – Hula hooping is an activity that pretty much all kids love doing. The movement is funny, especially if they’re doing it alongside friends or siblings. We also like that Hula Hooping helps to improve your child’s core strength and spatial awareness. 

To add a challenging aspect to it, have your child walk backward or forwards while trying to keep the hula hoop going. 

Obstacle Course – Making an obstacle course is a ton of fun for kids. You can use pillows, bed sheets, and sofas to create an incredibly fun course for your kids to complete.

You can set a stopwatch and have your kids compete in races to see who can complete it the fastest.

You can also set it up outside incorporating trees, cars, bikes, boxes and any outdoor toys your kids may have.

Swimming – Teaching your kids how to swim is an extremely useful skill that can come in handy later in their life. Learning how to swim is something that kids find exciting, therefore, they’re more likely to pick it up quicker.

Taking children out for a couple hours to the pool is a lot of fun. It’s also incredibly effective at burning calories and keeping kids active. 

Gardening – Initially, the idea of gardening may sound boring to a child. However, once you introduce them to the different tools and plants that they could grow, you’ll see their faces light up with excitement. 

Take them out to plant new seeds and go out with them regularly to see how the plant’s progressing over time. Kids also love watering plants and getting involved with helping to rearrange and decorate the backyard. 


If you were having a tough time trying to keep your kids active, be sure to use the ideas mentioned above as inspiration. Feel free to put your own twist on them to ensure they appeal to your kids the most! 

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