Want Curves In All Of The Right Places? Read On…

Years ago, it used to be all about the slim figure. Women were starving themselves if they weren’t lucky enough to have that ‘model slim’ figure naturally. Everybody wanted pencil thin legs and arms, a washboard stomach, and even a flat chest! These days, it’s all about being healthier. An emphasis is being put on […]

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Your Ultimate Guide To Accessories

Fashion has become very personal. Style for most of us is about reflecting our personalities and character. Never before have there been so many different trends to choose from. And never before has it been so acceptable to personalize that style in your own unique way. There are many ways to add your taste to […]

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The Lazy Lady’s Guide To Gardening

After its dizzying heights in the 1940s, growing your own fruit and veg fell out of fashion. After all, that was something people did because they had to. Rationing was a thing through the war years and beyond, so if you wanted a few treats, you had to get your hands dirty for them.   […]

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