Capturing Special Images This Winter

Every Christmas we start look over the photographs from the year and look into making the images into a special calendar or photo book as a way to store the special moments. There are many great offers for places to do this and we find it easy to do, Truprint is one such place that will do this this winter).

In a digital world we feel it is really important to capture these memories and we are sure that our children’s grandparents love them as well.

Here are a few tips on picking the best photos:

Biggest one is if you have more than one child try and share the photos equally! It’ll will only cause a smudge of trouble when they’re older if they think they’re favoured over another!

Make sure you’re in the picture too! So often parent take a group photo and are missed out! These memories need you in them too!

Make sure the photos aren’t all about a set pose! Be creative, get out and about! No one needs a gazillion photos of a group sat on the sofa!

Make sure that you upload the best quality photos. You don’t want your memories to arrive and be pixelated or blurry. If you need to find an editing tool online!

Get with the seasons! Make your year tell a story on season order – if it means dressing in Christmas jumpers before its time do it! Your Christmas month needs a Christmassy photo!

Most of all grab a glass of wine, smile, recount those special and precious memories and then toast to another year well lived!

Ive shared some photos of my special memories on this post. We would love to see yours too!

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