Can The Zodiac Tell How Messy You Are?

So apparently your zodiac sign says about how messy/tidy you are as a person. Do you believe your star sign can actually tell you what your home/life looks like? Well I wasn’t so sure either….
I already know that I am not one to have organised mess. I couldn’t resist looking at what my star sign meant for my work space however it couldn’t be more wrong!
I am an Aries and a very much everything in it’s place, the right place. I am the kind of person who if the office chairs are out of place at the end of the day I would straighten them up! I love plenty of storage and being able to file things away. We have quite a few storage solutions that cover everything from the kids toys to Gav’s vinyl collection!
The perfect office space for me is simple, clean lines with a flash of colour. My pinterest office board is full of very different pieces but I do like the top of my desk to be tidy, wires packed up and laptop placed under the desk. We have doors on our current desk to hide the tech away because our office space is our bedroom so it needs to feel like a bedroom at the end of the day!
I also like to make sure my desk space is clear for flat lays and blogging work I need to do. I’m launching a new blog and so clean lines and editing is a daily occurrence while I am setting it all up.
Looking at this organised chaos chat I am much more the taurus type then the aries type. I love to organise and can’t work around mess. I need everything to be set out just so!
Check out this infographic and let me know which star sign matches your mess! I’d also love to see your work space and how it matches your star sign or if like me you’re way off the chart!
Tell me what your #OrganisedMess looks like!

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