Breastfeeding Clothes Don’t Have To Be Dull

Spending the best part of nine months in maternity clothes means you usually give birth desperate to get back into your own clothing, but it isn’t always that easy. Whilst plenty of bits you already own can be adapted and layered to make breastfeeding easy, there are plenty that just won’t work any more, and after carrying a baby and birthing it, you probably deserve a treat!
There are a few places to get nursing clothes on the high street, and far more online, here are five of our favourites;

The Essential Ones do a range of simple tops and dresses that work whatever the weather. Their wrapover tops are perfect for pregnancy and beyond and the draping over the belly is perfect for those early days (and the not so early days) when you want loose and comfortable.
You don’t need to turn on your computer to pick up breastfeeding friendly clothing though, and Asda do their own small range, featuring crossover front tops and dresses. The wrap front tops are perfect for feeding discreetly and come in a range of colours and patterns.
Dresses are sometimes harder to find, but Frugi designed a great range, again very limited with only a few coming out each season, but their clothes are all organic and designed down in sunny Cornwall. I find the shape very flattering, post-birth and beyond and they do wash really well.

If you are looking for something different, elegant and stylish with subtle access, then Babes with Babies does a wide range of dresses and tops – most of which you will want to continue wearing once you have finished nursing.

If you still haven’t found anything that takes your fancy, then there are some WAHM (work at home mums), who create bespoke dresses. You can choose the fabric, the style and provide your measurements to create a great fit, and know that you are wearing something completely unique. Sophie over at Baba Be Boho makes nursing tops and dresses, as does Anna at Tiny Vikings.

Breastfeeding doesn’t have to mean boring clothes, and there are some great styles out there if you look around!

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