The Big Room Switcharound

Over christmas we had to make some big decisions. As our flat is co-owned with my sister the choice is to buy her out or sell the flat I have lived in for 13 years. It is a big decision as I really REALLY want a house but our location (Brighton) is equally as fantastic. You see if we sell up it means uprooting and leaving the city. Fizz has started school and we aren’t quite ready to leave.

So we have offered to buy my sister out (mortgage pending) and have agreed to put a lot of work into making the flat a really nice place to live. Everything from ripping out the kitchen to a big bedroom switch around.


We are very lucky to have 3 bedrooms, 2 of which are double bedrooms. At the moment the largest bedroom is a den where all Gav’s music gear, my office, a double bed and dvd/playstation live for guests staying or when Fizz wants to watch an afternoon movie. We have decided that now everyone should have their own bedroom and with the Boy turning 6 months old then he will have his own bedroom. Our original plan would be that he share with Fizz and the middle room (smallest bedroom) becomes his, Fizz have the middle sized room and we, once again, have the large bedroom.

In the meantime I have been doing some layout drawings as Gav has rightly pointed out this could be a lot of work. I have steamed ahead and created a wishlist of ikea storage so that all the the rooms blend together well down to which flooring we will get (we have a local Carpetright which is super cheap and I have been eyeing up this laminate flooring for the kitchen.)


Each month I thought I would show you each room’s transition from drawings to finished. From my mood boards to how we are choosing colour and where it goes. It will probably feature a lot of stress too but we are determined to make our space more homely.

Is anyone else investing in their property rather than selling this year? Or have you moved and taken on a big renovation?


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