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We are looking to move house this year and one thing that we will find a little strange is not having to share our new homes bedroom with a little person! That of course means a rethink of the feel and theme of our space. Of course we’re now looking for bedroom ideas.
At the moment our bedroom is a bit studenty. It’s got Cd/DVDs/vinyl and Gavs guitars in there.

Here’s what it looks like now. Well the background anyway. 

I’m really looking forward to having something a bit more modern and clear. But I do sway with what colour palette we should use too. It would be a bit boring all one colour but I’m scared about going too heavy or bright too!
My first thought towards a peaceful theme was morrocan. I love the heavy reds yet light areas too. I’d keep the walls a light colour and add red and purple bedding to bring the room to life. Do we have a canopy across the bed to give a more romantic feel or is that asking for trouble with kids around!
I’d love a big chandelier too to make it feel elegant ! I’m not sure how practical this would be though so maybe a few hanging night lights would be a simpler and less expensive idea? I do have a lot of candle holders that will fit right into any theme so that will make our room feel nice to. I love reading by night light!

We need storage too so under bed or a tidy hideaway the contents shelving is a must for us. We have lots of books/CDs/DVDs which we don’t want to keep in the living room. Also Gavs guitar collection needs to stay away from little hands too!
I like the idea of keeping a room muted in colour and then adding in touches of vibrancy in bedding and textiles. I do love a wooden floor but maybe covering a little with a warm rug especially during the darker months would be beneficial to my toes.
Have you completely changed your bedroom space from cluttered to clean? I’d love to see your space!


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