Wedding Guest Shopping Trips & Tips

Being invited to a wedding is always a pleasure. It takes a bit of planning to get everyone kitted out for the special day. But, when you see your whole family dressed up and looking good, it feels great. Plus, you get to enjoy the photos for many years to come. In this blog we look at make up and dressing up.

Give yourself plenty of time and look around.

You need to allow yourself plenty of time to go shopping for everyone. It is all too easy to misjudge things and leave too much for to the last minute. Start shopping at least a month before the wedding. I love to travel around with a group of friends before the big day, make a real day of it. I love to actually try on a few outfits, get a make up tutorial so I’m using the latest colour palettes – as well as  to get feedback from everyone so planning a day trip to my favourite shopping city is a must.

Test your make up and perfume first!

With new pallets for Spring and Summer you may be eager to try something different BUT do book into a department store or high street make up service for a test run first. They’ll be able to help with what new colours are out and what suits your skin tone. Having a test run of perfume is also fab for allergies and then click here to grab a bargain online!

What the make up artist should look at first are as follows:

Concealer and foundation – this will be your new best friend. I have tried and tested many over the years and, and even if I don’t bother with anything else I apply this before I leave the house! Having a good base for your wedding make up is a must and it can often go wrong if the base colour is slightly wrong.

Mascara – There are hundreds of different types out there, lengthening, plumping, separating… but whatever you choose to use a quick coat of mascara on top and bottom lashes will make your eyes seem like you had more than 4 hours sleep! Waterproof is a must!

Highlight – the inner corner of your eye – using a light creamy shade with some subtle shimmer just dab a little in the inside corner of your eye to reflect light, it works wonders for opening the eyes!

Lipstick – any colour will do, but I can guarantee you you’ll feel a million dollars with the right shade, and if you have time for nothing else then lipstick and big sunglasses will make you feel ten times more glamorous than you really feel. It really can make your whole outfit ping

Online shopping.

If you prefer to shop with online retailers like JD Williams sell absolutely everything you will need for the whole family. Potentially, you can order all of the dresses, suits, trousers, shoes, shirts, blouses and accessories you will need in just a few hours. This is a much better option than dragging everyone around the shops two or three weekends on the trot.

Always try the entire outfit on

A month to six weeks gives you enough time to order everyone´s clothes, receive them and get everyone to try their outfits on, so you can identify any issues and get them fixed. If you are buying online you will need to allow enough time to send items back and receive replacements.
Be sure to try everything on together. If you just try your dress on without the shoes you may not realize that they are not actually a good match.

Make everyone bend down, crouch on their haunches, cross their arms across their chests and reach up. Look for any straining seams or shirts that bulge open. If something does not fit perfectly adjust it or exchange it. This in-depth article explains exactly how to choose clothes that fit properly.

Stick with the classics

If you are a bit stuck and are not sure what type of outfit to wear, the best approach is to stick with the classics. These have a timeless quality and tend to suit virtually any woman. This makes them a great go-to option. If you are not sure what I mean by classic cuts, take a look at this article I recently wrote. In it, I review the iconic items of clothing that women have been relying on for decades to help them to look great.

Make sure you are ready for bad weather

Even for a summer wedding, it is important to be ready for rain or other inclement weather. Put a couple of umbrellas in the car and a lightweight coat for everyone.

If you have chosen to wear satin shoes be sure to take a pair of ballerina pumps with you. That way if it rains you will not ruin your new shoes. Just pop them in a bag and wear the ballerina shoes for the walk to the reception venue. Once you are indoors, you can just swap them for your satin pair.

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