5 Summer Travelling Tips

With the summer supposedly in full swing now it’s no wonder I’m dreaming of summer adventures. This year two of my children will be at home with me during the summer holidays and we’ve already started writing a summer bucket list!

Here are a few things you might want to think about before you set on your travels!

If you’re travelling by car this summer you’ll want to make sure it’s on it’s best behaviour while you are going from adventure to adventure. Servicing is a must because what can be worse then being stuck somewhere with bored children and a broken car! Kwik Fit offer a great service which is also very affordable so you’ll be able to spend your pennies on  other things like ice cream and cake!

Making a plan of where you want to go is also important! I’m travelling. About with two of our three children this summer so will want to plan our day trips around Nursery drop off and pick ups. I need to make sure out timings are right so checking out google maps, transport links and the weather is super important to make sure our days out go without a hitch!

This summer I’ve asked the kids what they’d like to do so once they’ve listed everything from a slime making day to picnics at the beach it’s time for me to see what days fit which activities. I need to ensure that all the kids have some of their choices spaced out during the six weeks.  Colour coding each available activity and day helps so they understand visually if it’s a stay at home day or an adventure day!

making a budget for each week of the holidays is essential to me. As a freelancer I drop hours during the day and pick up working during the evenings. Some clients are also away for the summer so they downgrade their social media accounts for the next few weeks.

Lastly – make sure you have a go bag ready each day! I’m tying to get into the habit of making up packed lunches, drinks and a swim kit bag each night. This means if you have a last minute invitation for a beach day or any other adventure you’re ready to head out and make the most of your day! Water bottles are essential and we use reusable ice cubes to make sure hey keep cool during the day. With the summer looking to be super hot this year it’s essential to pack a go bag with sunscreen, wipes and water in! You’ve got to be ready for adventure and perfect planning is in the small things all being doing. Any tickets you need/lose change for ice cream and car parks in a separate purse is a must for me as I’m so reliant on my contactless card!

How are you making sure that your travels go to plan this summer? Tell me all about the adventures your planning and any travel tips I’ve missed out!

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