5 Family Projects create lasting memories


Getting the entire family together for fun projects is an awesome way to spend more quality time together. It gives you all the opportunity to talk and have an enjoyable time, which may seem tricky nowadays with how busy everyone is with their computers and smartphone devices. 

Initially, you may need to put some effort into planning the time that you spend with each other. But once you do, you’ll realize that it helps you create memories that last a lifetime. 

Let’s take a look at some awesome ideas for kids and the family that you can start using!

Family Gardening

Planting a variety of vegetables, fruits, and plants in your backyard together can be an incredibly fun and rewarding activity. 

You can each have your own patches where you plant different things. After the seeds blossom, you can get together and talk about how well it has grown or how it could grow better the next time. It also helps your family to appreciate nature and be outdoors more. 

Sports Night with the Kids


Another fantastic way to get outdoors and bond with the family is to set up a sports night once or twice a week. Regardless of everyone’s sporting abilities, you can just use it as a way to have fun together in the evenings. 

However, if things do start to get competitive, it can be pretty fun! Not to mention, it teaches kids about working as part of a team too. 

You could set up mini-tournaments and play a range of different sports over a period of time. 

Cooking with Children

When you think of family time, eating a meal together is something that tends to come to mind. However, you could take this to another level and get the family involved in the kitchen to prepare the meal together. 

You’re able to interact with one another and take some excellent family pictures for memories in the process. It also helps kids to learn more about cooking to develop their skills and become more independent. 

Kids Love Art Projects

Setting up family art projects can be a lot of fun, especially if some members of the family are awful at drawing! 

Get all the supplies that you need and put a family art project night into the calendar every week or two. If you have younger kids, their art projects can be put on the fridge or hung up in frames. 

Writing Stories to Nature their Imagination 

Instead of having a book club with the family every week (which is also a great idea) you could have a night where you all get together and write stories. 

You could set a theme and have each person create their own short stories within a limited amount of time. Once the time’s up, you can take it in turns reading your stories out loud. This one’s bound to get everyone laughing in no time! 


So, those were 5 family project ideas that will have you creating tons of unforgettable memories. Be sure to start implementing a couple of them into your weekly lives and watch how the family grows closer together! 

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