My Style: Karli from DesignosaurYEAH!

Each week we will bring you someone that we think has great style. Unique and Chic in their very own way. This week it’s Karli from DesignosaurYeah!

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Can you describe your current style and what inspires it?

My current style is errmmm, eclectic? I would say at the moment I am very American Preppy with loads of colour and some huge jewellery. I work and walk a lot so I am usually either in converse or Nikes. As the sun is shining I have a huge vintage baseball jacket that used to be my dads and a cream American Apparel cropped jacket that I normally wear. These items, plus bright and colourful accessories, mean that I am not the American Prep that either you or I think I am really.

Hey! It's another photo of Karli

What’s the biggest fashion/beauty mistake you’ve ever made?

I don’t make mistakes ūüėČ I’m sure my family, boyfriend and friends think I am constantly making fashion faux pas’, but I’m more than happy to dress as crazily as possible. I had a phase in sixth form of wearing entirely one colour outfits. School photo day I wore entirely red, red top, red jumper, red tights, red skirt, red shoes. ENTIRELY RED. I was a prefect so I was meant to be at the front of the photo but the photographer said I “looked like the devil” and made me stand at the back, I’m sure she thought that was a fashion mistake, but I still think I looked awesome!

If you could only use 1 beauty product for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

EYELINER! I think this is becoming a bit of a trade mark for me, so I don’t think I could do without it. I put loads of coloured eyeliner across my bottom lid, people always comment on it and it’s another way of getting an extra colour into my outfit.

(this photo of my eyeliner somebody comments about how well bob has photoshopped the colour around my eye. It wasn’t photoshopped it was eyeliner!

How has your style changed over the years? 

I think I have always been a little tomboy-ish. I don’t like heels (because I can’t walk in them) and I’m not a very frilly person. When I was 15, I wore baggy Levi 501s, with brightly coloured girl boxer shorts or full length dungares. That was all I wore for about two years whilst all my friends were in mini skirts and pink tops.¬†
Even then I was described as colourful and I think that is what has stuck with me through different phases, I normally pick up on current trends and fit them into the way I dress anyway. 

Crawling Around on The Floor (228/365)

For sixth form we weren’t allowed to wear jeans and we had to adhere to a strict dress code. I was very good at sticking to the guidelines but wearing things that they didn’t want me to wear. They ended up building a lot of new rules around me, but I still managed to dress how I wanted as I’m pretty creative!
I stopped wearing trousers after this phase because I realised that being short, and not wearing heels means that they aren’t very flattering, it also means I can get more colours on my bottom half ūüėČ

Colours in the cold

My style has¬†definitely¬†developed and become more refined now, I’m less about the shock tactics of looking like a mental case and know more about what colours and shapes suit me. I feel that some people reading this may be chuckling to themselves because I don’t think anybody thinks my current dress sense is toned down.

Busy To The Point of Incoherence

These days sequins, glitter, awesome tights and acrylic jewellery are what get me most excited!
Do you have a fashion idol? Who & why?

Viveinne Westwood is amazing, she thinks that people that wear jeans are boring and¬†‚ÄėPeople have never looked so ugly as they do today regarding their dress.‚Äô She is amazing,¬†feisty¬†and¬†impeccably¬†dressed she has been inventing fashion trends since the sixties and is still disgustingly relevant, I love her.¬†

Lastly what’s been your favourite style ever?¬†

This is really hard, I love the whole 90s vibe which is going on now. It’s very bright and graphic in that sense, is easy for me to wear. I think that my taste is constantly changing but COLOUR will always be my friend ūüôā

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