2016 fashion predictions

The Spring/Summer 2016 catwalks may have seen the usual combination of glitz, glamour and celebration, but they also gave us an insight into some of the fashion trends that you are actually likely to see borne out on a high street near you over the coming 12 months. 

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Bared shoulders 

Whichever designer’s collections you looked at during the recent New York Fashion Week (NYFW), there was clearly a willingness to show off structured shoulders and collarbones. Sometimes, enticing shoulder cut-outs were used, while on other occasions, we got to see a bit of décolletage. 

  Expose your shoulders, but leave other areas covered up to create some wonderfully elegant, business-appropriate looks. 

Fringe, fringe… and more fringe 

Fringe has long been utilised on clothing lines that would otherwise be a little dull, but given the explosion in its use at recent fashion shows, it seems likely to become a much more central part of 2016’s most on-trend looks. 

From creating a sense of movement to simply making a statement, fringe has so many applications in fashion that seem set to be expressed especially fully in the next 12 months. 

Liberal use of print blocking 

In the past, designers might have been wary of too much mixing of different print colours. However, the latest Spring/Summer 2016 collections seem to point to an abandonment of such caution, with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria Beckham and Diane Von Furstenberg having taken a ‘the more, the merrier’ approach. 

It all means that 2016 could be the year to mix bold shades with intriguing prints to finally banish your fear of colour clashing. 

That ‘pyjama party’ vibe 

The endless rise of ‘cosy chic’ seems primed to continue into 2016. This year, though, it’ll probably be less about the casual-luxe combos – for example, a chunky sweater accompanied by a flowing skirt – that we are all familiar with, and more about pyjama separates and rompers that can double-up as genuine everyday clothing. 

Or what about donning a silky slip dress or robe-inspired topper for your night out? Yep, 2016 will definitely be the year in which sleepwear merges with streetwear. 

A relaxed makeup approach 

The ‘no makeup’ look has gained currency in recent years, even while it has become apparent that a very decent amount of makeup is often used. Will the movement become any more authentic in 2016? 

  Perhaps. The ‘look’ at least seems to be here to stay, with recent fashion shows having shown models sporting quite simple cosmetics, consisting of only a moderate amount of foundation and concealer and other light touches. Sometimes, models haven’t even worn blush or mascara. 

’70s hippie chic 

Modern ensembles nonetheless inspired by the ’70s are another probable mainstay over the coming 12 months, the likes of Christian Siriano, Ohne Titel and Dion Lee having incorporated bold prints, flared pants and chunky layers into inescapably retro fashion lines. 

  If there’s therefore any year when you are likely to conclude that your wardrobe is short of fringed hemlines, tie-dyed patterns and boho maxis, that year will almost certainly be 2016. 

Beach-inspired fashions 

Whether such an inclination manifests in gorgeously handmade-looking crochets, bucket hats or citrus shades, it seems that this season’s designers have their minds fixed on the seaside, thanks to a distinct Caribbean vibe that surely owes something to the recent opening of Cuba to Americans. 

Whatever the reasons or motivations, we are always delighted by any excuse for fashion with a suitably exotic, chilled-out feel that also isn’t shy to incorporate vibrant colours when it sees fit. 

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